9 Scam Job Tricks in Ghana

9 Scam Job Tricks in Ghana

Scam job tricks and  fake interview invitations seem to rear their ugly heads in Ghana and Africa as a whole. This is attributable to the high unemployment situation and job seekers out of frustration trying their luck on any job related offer without paying heed to job scammers. I am sure if you are not […]

5 Key Tips for Searching Jobs in Ghana

5 Key Tips for Searching Jobs in Ghana

Tired of not being called for interviews? Get some key tips for searching jobs in Ghana to help you stay aloft the unemployment situation in Ghana. The average graduate from any level of academic study will attest to the fact that the most dreaded stage in life is looking for jobs in Ghana after school. […]


A Guide to Effective Time Management

Based on how people in the working class have to spend time commuting to work in addition to the usual 9am to 5pm day jobs in Ghana and Africa as a whole. professionals are often left not much of extra time out of the daily 24hours to do other important things. Most workers  want to […]

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4 Common Interview Questions

Interview preparations comes with its own unique challenges irrespective of the level of your career particularly when it is your long awaited job. Some find it a scary, adrenaline triggering stage of their job search.  Gaining mastery over common or popular interview question ahead of the interview helps tame the pre interview anxiety. Some must-know interview […]

Find Jobs in Ghana

There have been plethora of websites to find jobs in Ghana, Africa for some time now. However most of these website are localised in Ghana with a few  expanding gradually across other African countries. The job boards attempting to expand are mostly focused on anglophone countries without  any major provisions to reach  francophone countries etc.,  […]