Relevant Questions to Ask in a Job Interview

Relevant Questions to Ask in a Job Interview

In job hunting, assuming your name makes the shortlist, you are obliged to attend an interview. Unfortunately, many job applicants have a lopsided view about interviews; they hold an erroneous perception that interviewees are supposed to be listeners and answerers.

But that is far from reality. Interviewees have absolute rights to ask questions at any point in an interview. Questioning the interviewers will help to reveal more useful information about the job, description, co-workers, or bosses. In the end, you could use that information to decide whether the job fits your desires or not.

Multiple Stage Interviews

The screening (shortlisting) of some interviews may comprise more than one step. If this is so, it means that you may get interviewed by different personalities of the same organization.

The first phase usually involves phone call interviews (also known as phone screening). Applicants who emerge successful after phone screening may get the chance to attend a one-on-one interview.

The relevant questions we are going to discuss here can be asked at any interview stage, but you must not repeat them.

Questions for the Beginning

These questions are meant to establish a cordial relationship with the interviewers. By asking them reasonable questions, you would get to know their identities and positions in the organization.

Before the interview commencement, you would have known the panel by asking these questions.

  • Please, may I know your job duration with this company?
  • Who do you work under and where can we find him?
  • What do you find exciting about this job?
  • What is the secret behind your success here?
  • How do you manage your employees?
  • In case I am successful, who would I work with?

Questions About the Job

Having learned a lot about the interviewers, you would be more confident to ask questions about the job.

  • Why is the position vacant? Is it a new slot or an old one?

It is important to know whether someone resigned or was fired from the position advertised. A brand new position may signal good news.

  • How long do most people work here?
  • Who is the boss? What is his title?
  • What is the lowest and the highest salaries being paid here?
  • What makes one successful in this job?
  • What training do you offer for this job?
  • How is a normal day or week in this job?
  • What skills are strongly demanded in this job?
  • Could you specify the location of this job?

Questions About the Organization

Before the interview, do online research on the organization’s website to gather some information. You could ask the following questions to know more about the organization.

  • What is unique about this organization?
  • What makes this organization successful?
  • How often are workers promoted here?
  • In the next 5 years, where would this organization be?
  • When do employees get feedback?
  • How often do you recruit?
  • How many workers have left this organization since last year?


Most interview panels give room for interviewees to ask questions, usually at the end of the interview. But you could also ask relevant and respectful questions before or during the interview. Knowing your interviewers from the beginning would boost your confidence to face their questions.

However, it must be noted that questions should be moderate, simple, and straightforward, in order not to expose your weakness. You may spoil your chance if you ask numerous and irrelevant questions