CV Content That Can Cost You The Job

CV Content That Can Cost You The Job

  You might suppose that your CV  content contains plenty of quality information that may articulate your  knowledge and skills to an employer or recruiter. However what job seekers need to  be aware is that, the content of their  CV that may jeopardise their chances of nailing an interview opportunity.  Some salient points to note are considered. Avoid […]


Key Questions Your CV Must Address

  Job seekers aim for a good CV to attract recruiters’ or employers attention to show they deserve an interview opportunity. It doesn’t matter if you’ll do the duty with hands tied behind your back, if your CV doesn’t provide the urge for the HR to invite you for interview, how can you prove such abilities let alone to be recognised as […]

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4 Common Interview Questions

Interview preparations comes with its own unique challenges irrespective of the level of your career particularly when it is your long awaited job. Some find it a scary, adrenaline triggering stage of their job search.  Gaining mastery over common or popular interview question ahead of the interview helps tame the pre interview anxiety. Some must-know interview […]

Find Jobs in Ghana

There have been plethora of websites to find jobs in Ghana, Africa for some time now. However most of these website are localised in Ghana with a few  expanding gradually across other African countries. The job boards attempting to expand are mostly focused on anglophone countries without  any major provisions to reach  francophone countries etc.,  […]