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Accounting sector jobs description

Accountants are indispensable in all industries. They are in charge of managing the finances of companies to ensure they operating within the financial legislation and also advise companies on whether they are making profits or loss and how to arrest the situation using accounting principles.

Are you looking for accounting jobs?  Apply for our latest accounting jobs in Ghana and all other African countries below:

accounting jobs
sap jobs

Accounts receivable  clerk job description

This role is responsible for following up and issuing invoices to clients or customers to claim monies owed a company arising from commercial activities. Click here to read more ¶

Accountant – junior job description

Accounts payable job description

Financial accountant job description
As a financial accountant it is your job to use accounting principles to assist your employer with matters related to taxation,auditing, budgeting and preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports. Click here to read more ¶

Administration sector jobs description

Are you looking for admin jobs?  Apply for our latest admin jobs in Ghana and all other African countries below:

admin jobs
Personal Assistant jobs


Administrative assistant

Clerical assistant

Data entry clerk

Construction sector jobs description



Setting out Engineer


Design engineer

CAD engineer

Site engineer

Banking sector jobs description

Bank Teller

Petty Cash Officer

Customer Service Jobs

Call Centre Agent

Customer Support

Hospitality sector job description

 logistics sector job description

Education sector job description

Finance sector job description

Health sector job description

HR  sector job description

Insurance  sector job description

IT  sector job description

Legal sector job description

Marketing sector job description

advertising  job description

pr job description

Media sector job description

Medical sector job description

Public sector job descriptions

Retail sector job description

Sales sector job description

Science sector job description

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