How To Recover From A Major Mistake At Work

As humans, imperfection has been genetically woven into our DNAs. A mistake at home may be taken lightly, but the same cannot be said of a blunder at the job environment. How will you bounce back after committing a terrible mistake at the job site? In the face of a job blunder, the temptation to get lost in resignation considerations could go high. But in the long run, it maybe wiser of you to muster courage hold and yourself from breaking apart.

Here is how you can recover from a job mistake, and move on from grass to grace.

Be Positive

It is normal for our minds to take off to the skies when we are caught up in situations of panic. After messing up in the job space, your brain may shut off from positivity. But it is your duty to convert bad feelings to good.

After all, there is light at the end of the tunnel. There is no such thing as perpetual darkness. Even if a silly mistake costs you your job, new opportunities maybe closer to you than you can imagine.

Confess the Mistake

Your boss may go bananas if he gets to hear of your blunder through a hearsay. Instead of hiding your flaw, it is better you own up and confess. By claiming responsibility for your wrongdoings, it shows your level of humility; you may win forgiveness or sympathies.

Apologize Straight Away

Accepting a mistake is different from apologizing for it. To err is human, but to forgive is divine. There is no way you will be forgiven if you fail to sincerely apologize. But do not let it end at only apologies; correct the mess.

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Examine the Cause of the Mistake

There is no question that humans are fallible creatures. It is ok to make a mistake, but it is not okay not to learn. A mistake carries an impression that something is not right somewhere. To prevent the recurrence of the same thing, dig into the causes of the mistake and act accordingly — it could be as a result lack of interest in the job, low remuneration, etc.

Exercise Restraint (Patience)

If patience moves mountains — why can’t patience remove mistakes? If you are the type of worker who has already won the trust of your boss and co-workers, a mistake may even earn you numerous sympathies from workers who have had similar experiences in the past. Therefore, just be patient, and don’t judge yourself as a failure.

Remind Yourself About Your Humanity

The easiest and most natural way to recover fast from a bad day, is to appreciate the fact humans are born to learn from mistakes. Therefore, do not  allow your mistakes to define your makeup; succeed from mistakes.


A mistake at work may mark the end of your career, but it does not mark the end of your life. You have got to be strong in the face of difficulties — remember; when one door shuts, another one opens.

In the end, your approach to your mistake may determine whether your future in the work organization.