CV Content That Can Cost You The Job

CV Content That Can Cost You The Job

You might suppose that your CV  content contains plenty of quality information that may articulate your  knowledge and skills to an employer or recruiter. However what job seekers need to  be aware is that, the content of their  CV that may jeopardise their chances of nailing an interview opportunity.  Some salient points to note are considered.

Avoid the use use of cliches. For example: I am an  individual who  fits well working in a team. That’s nice, however, that statement could be a typical example of an  overused CV statement and may not add value to your CV from an HR or employers’ perspective.

Job seekers must ensure they are very conversant with the  job description of the job they preparing their CVs to apply for so they can tailor the content of their CV to meet the job specifications for that matter devoid of CV cliche’s as much as they can.  We attempt to consider some  general content of a CV  with recommendation  on how to present them  viz a` viz  ones to avoid.

  • Avoid stamens such as: “Has expertise coaching and developing employees.”
  • Rather  say: “ I  contributed to increased sales by a double fold through holding matched coaching sessions with the sales team.”
  • Avoid: “A sociable individual  fascinated by meeting new folks.”
  • Rather  say: “ By effectively communicating at all levels of the company and relevant clients, I facilitated the accomplishment of a major award winning project.”
  • Avoid: “A sensible leader with management expertise.”
  • Rather  say: “As a seasoned project engineer , with over two and half decades  of valuable expertise, in charge of projects across several countries in Africa.”
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Having highlighted some dos and don’ts on your CV content a summary of worth noting tips are presented;

If you have fascinating skills and experience, make them visible and in a  ‘solution – how – why’ format inside your profile and career history, to demonstrate how you have  previously used them and how you can potentially implement them in a new role.

You may use figures to quantify your feats where possible to buttress you  skills.

In conclusion  present you skills in a simple format to capture how and when you have used them with the outcome. This put your CV in a situation where the HR or recruiter is left with no option to invite you for interview to know more about how you can implement such skills in the job.