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Career Guidance :CV and Cover Letter


Having decided on the job your desire, it is prudent you tailor your CV and Cover letter to make it very irresistibly catchy to recruiters and employers alike. We present to your some worth noting tips career tips.

How to do your job hunting

Make conscious efforts to keep an eye on latest jobs advertised on job boards. For instance Jobdirecta  is constantly updated with thousands of latest jobs jobs  in Ghana and Africa as a whole. Make sure to create a jobseeker account and set up automated job alerts to receive relevant jobs of interest. This particularly will help you not to miss out on any latest vacancy.

Also with the influence social media has these days, make sure you create accounts and follow recruiters and jobboards on major platforms such as jobdirecta pages on facebook,twitter,linkedin amongst other to further spot latest vacancies on the go.

How to Sort your CV before making applications

Since your CV is the most likely the first thing for employers and recruiters to get a first impression about you. It is important you make it presentable and as well as have relevant content as much as you can. Make sure your CV has highlights your relevant and distinct achievements. Ensure your CV is not over 2 pages of an A4 size paper.

What key information do I need to have on my CV?

Your CV ought to include:

  1. Personal credentials like  your name, address, phone contact, email address and any relevant social media presence.
  2. Career history beginning along with your current job.
  3. Relevant achievements from previous jobs.
  4. Qualifications as well as training from previous jobs, beginning with the most recent.
  5. You may want to  include couple of attractive sentences on your interests and hobbies.
  6. References, even though optional,  it is advised  to mention ‘referees offered on request’ to alert  potential employers grasp you’ll be able to provide one if need arises upon a successful interview.
  7. Also bear in mind  different industries can expect various things from a CV,  thus it is essential   your CV draft to creates an impression you’ve adequately understood the job description.
  8. Remember it may be helpful to have a trusted colleague have a second look at your CV to help spot typos etc prior submitting your application.
  9. Also make use of numerous websites providing useful CV and Cover letter templates as a guide.
  10. Having taken you through tips on CVs lets delve into tips for writing your Cover letter.
  11. Make sure your draft your cover letter to formal letter standards with your address, employers address and date.
  12. Having done that, ensure your 1st paragraph ought to make a case for why you’re applying for the role  and introduce yourself.
    In subsequent paragraphs  demonstrate why you’re the most apt person for the role and buttress it with relevant examples while making match with the job description as much as you can with the assumption have you have done you home work by searching and knowing more about the company.
  13. Ensure your cover letter is kept brief as much as you can. Also ensure to get someone to have a second look before submitting your application.
  14. Also make use of numerous websites providing useful Cover letter templates as a guide.
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Wish you success in your job hunt.

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