6 Ways to Become Irreplaceable at Work

6 Ways to Become Irreplaceable at Work

Many are called, but few are chosen. How do you build a unique persona and become irreplaceable at work? Assuming that you finally landed your dream jobs in Ghana — and you are so much in love with it — the next thing you want to ensure is job security.

Here are 6 ways to stand out among your coworkers.

Exceed Limits

Break the records if there are any. Let’s say you have been tasked to do a small assignment, but you have enough time and energy. There is nothing wrong with going an extra mile to impress your senior workers. But before you mess up, inquire from your boss to know the dictates of the tasks — then nail the task accordingly. Once you show a high sense of dedication to duty, your boss cannot help but to rate you 5 stars.

Take Initiatives

Sometimes if you are really serious to make a name for yourself in a company, you do not need to wait for work to be given to you — hunt for it. After finding your feet in the organization, you should be in a better position to undertake initiatives such as — volunteering work, standing in for a sick employee, staying overtime when necessary, etc.

When you give a company your all, as if it was yours, every good employer will surely be afraid to lose you. They simply cannot do without you — because you are priceless.

Be Focused on the Job

Absenteeism is a big minus if you want your name to make the list of good workers. Be present at all times — physically, emotionally, and mentally. In meetings, put away destructive devices (if that includes your personal cellphone or whatsoever). No employer is ever afraid to lose distractive and unfocused workers.

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Solve Problems

Every worker can work, but not all workers can solve problems — sadly, that is where employers fish out the bad ones. If you want to belong to the echelon of irreplaceable workers, then you must show problem-solving skills.

Instead of finding lame excuses about why something cannot be done, find a million reasons for the possibility and execute it. No worker can be invaluable to an employer than a problem solver.

Be Versatile & Professional

The trick to uniqueness lies in being versatile in many areas, or better still, being extremely skillful in one thing. A versatile worker will always fit in many work spheres, thereby making him/her indispensable.

Positive Attitude

Your attitude determines your altitude — that is the golden rule for good work ethics. Even if you are superb at everything, but lack a good character — employers will kick your ass out.


The journey to job security starts with deliverance of outstanding service, and establishing oneself is a rare breed in the company. You must watch your manners from head to toe — be hard-working, dedicated, humble, skillful, sacrificial, and positive. Employers cannot afford to discard you if you are that unique. These are the secrets of being a worker in a million.