6 Common Job Search Mistakes Fresh Graduates Make

In today’s educational system, going to school is only a fraction of the art of good living.  Job acquisition is the best test of a graduate’s qualification, skills or experience. Even though graduate unemployment is no news in our world today, some fresh graduates make costly mistakes which set them up for self destruction.

Common Job Search Mistakes

Here, we explore some of the wrongful job search tactics that frequently spoil the job chances of fresh graduates.

Seeking a Perfect Job That Matches Your Skills

Graduates are usually encouraged to apply for jobs that fit into their skills. However, the hard reality is that this may just be the exact opposite of how to get a job. The point is that, for situations whereby a job seeker lacks a few requisite skills, some employers give room for further training. So instead of eliminating yourself by not applying, just apply and let the employers decide your future.

Hunting for High-paying Jobs

Money is sweet! The bigger the paycheck, the richer and happier you get. Well, that is the popular anthem in the minds of the majority. But when a fresh graduate is hell-bent on enrolling himself onto a payroll, it may be suicidal for such a candidate to be too obsessed with high-paying jobs.

It’s always advisable for graduates to focus on gaining experience, before aiming high for the money. You can apply for high-paying jobs, but don’t totally ignore the medium-paying gigs. As you progress in experience, fat salaries may naturally chase your pants down.

Multiusage of a Single Cover Letter

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Yes, it may be possible to kill two birds with one stone, but the chances are narrow. Now, the same is true about using one cover letter to apply for many jobs.

Not all jobs are the same. So it’s important to edit (update) your cover letter to match the requirements of an advertised job. Don’t use one drafted cover letter throughout your applications.

Inadequate Preparation for Interviews

Interviews form a key step of the screening process of recruitment. You can’t hope to succeed in a job without adequate preparation to respond to interviews. Preparation starts with doing in-depth research into the company’s profile and then knowing more about the job and its requirements.

Fear of Relocation

A job seeking process shouldn’t be very limited to a fixed geographical area. Dare yourself and take up the challenge of moving away from home, if that would mean getting a job far away. Your success might lie outside your comfort zone.

Rushing for the First Offer

Sometimes hopelessness and economic pressures force people to rush in for the first offer, which in many cases, isn’t always the best. Assuming you already sent in numerous applications for other jobs, you can turn down the first job offer if its remuneration is too low for your liking. By waiting a bit, the best offer may come from your other applications.


By identifying these fatal mistakes, you may just be one step away from claiming that hefty paycheck. Unemployment is real, but a smart fresh graduate come overcome joblessness barriers with adequate preparation.