5 critical factors for career success

5 Critical Factors for Career Success in Ghana

Upon landing one’s dream job, other phases that need to be dealt with is how to sustain and ensure career success. Thus a successful career encompasses stages from making the right choice of job, getting hired and progressing through your career to the top. To address the topic above, key factors expected of potential employees or employed individuals for career success are considered below. These include but not limited to the following

1. Job Acquisition: The frustration that surrounds job search in ghana requires perpetual motivation to land the dream changing interview. It is prudent at the stage of job search to make the right decisions of where there is a potential for career progression. Ensuring an individual’s CV is topnotch and tailored for the role applied is very important. In principle, as first impressions count, a poorly drafted resume and cover letter may be used to judge a job seeker’s enthusiasm and motivation to work with the company applied for. Irrespective of prospective employee’s vast knowledge and skills, a poor application document may result in wrong evaluation. Candidates may then lose out of their opportunity to the inception stage of building the foundation of their future careers. Clearly, it is worth making conscious efforts on all it takes to first secure a job.

2. Personal Skills: In addition to portraying a good image on your resume, another key factor employers look at are the personal attributes of the candidate. This may be assessed during interviews or recruitment in ghana days and continuously monitored as an employee as well. Some skills employers look out for to give candidates the opportunity to join their companies and progress their careers may include:  will a possible employee speak well? will he/she interface with clients in a professional, non-confrontational and positive manner?. Candidates need to note maintaining the client base is key to the company’s survival thus a good relationship is not negotiable. Further questions include, will the prospect offer smart client service? Also, good interpersonal and communication skills across the company hierarchy is equally important as well as the clients.

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3. Rudimentary Skills: Basic skills such as reading and writing in the official language of a country is also paramount on the path to career success. This in addition to being able to do basic arithmetic forms part of the considerations by employers. Self employed individuals equally need these skills for their own career growth. Some of the  expectations, employers use to benchmark the success of potential employees includes the ability do business related arithmetic involving percentages and fractions and using reading and writing skills perfectly as well being adept at using modern day PCs and handheld devices to facilitate business

4. Job Sustainability: Once a career path is laid, another challenge is sustaining the career. This stage is very critical in that, it can determine whether your career will be successful or not. This stage often depends on how well takes advantage of all relevant opportunities to stay afloat of competition. For instance, as an employee, one of the worst fate that can befall you is entrenchment or getting laid off due to overstaffing of liquidity challenges as seen in the oil and gas jobs in ghana industry from 2012 to 2017. In such instances, one of the key determinants of who goes and who stays depends on the rank in the performance of employees affected. Being a victim of lay off has its own consequences of having to reluctantly change a career for the purposes of getting paid to pay bills and family upkeep. Such unexpected changes in career sometimes negatively impart on the route already established to career success. Thus it is prudent that, people improve on their career by showing sustained productivity in the workplace which translates into performance so they don’t become the first victims of job cuts but are rather an indispensable asset to the company.

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5. Skilled and Career Development: Whereas point 4 is achievable with excellent performance, it is worth mentioning personal development is a recipe that is also required. Since the workplace and businesses as a whole keep evolving in terms of technology among other things, equipping oneself with the latest skills and implementing the new skills and ideas is very important. This can be achieved by taking paid or free courses. these days free online courses relevant most job categories exist to betake advantage of. Also self paced courses can be taken via distance learning at your own convenience. Furthermore, the attendance of conferences and seminars is a platform to acquaint oneself with emerging skills. While improving on personal skills it very important to have a blueprint of how you want your career to progress. This plan helps to do checks and balances as to whether your career is in the right direction.

We wish you success in your professional career.

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