3 Ways To Answer “Why Do You Want This Job?” In Interviews

3 Ways To Answer “Why Do You Want This Job?” In Interviews

One of the most frequently asked interview questions is: Why do you want this job, or sometimes, why did you for apply for this position? To a well-prepared candidate, this is a bonus question that should be answered impressively.

Interviewers pose this question to analyze a candidate’s main motivation for a job. As simple as it seems, the question can give you a bad day if you fail to properly word your response.

How to Answer “Why Do You Want This Job” in Interviews

In tackling this question, you shouldn’t miss any vital information. Here is how you should approach it in a professional manner to win a highly competitive job.

Show Your Desire to Work in the Company

When one writing job seeker by name Martha, was asked this question, she responded perfectly in this manner: “Writing has been my hobby since my childhood. Even though my passions are strong in the field, I never actually thought I could establish a writing career until I found this job”. Well, Martha surely got the job because she expressed strong desires in the job field.

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Her answer would have been more perfect, if she included useful information about the company. For instance, “I applied for this job because I understand how my roles in this organization will make me a better person”.

Throw More Light on Your Skills & Experiences

From one perspective, the question indirectly probes your possessed skills that make you fit for the job. For instance, you could say that “My skills/experiences in Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint makes me feel that I can contribute towards your organizational goals”.

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To spice up your answer, you can also make mention of your educational qualification (your degrees or certificates).

Highlight Your Career Goals

In answering this question, you have to give clues about your long term career plans to the employer. If everything goes on well, employers want you to work with them for long.

Therefore, don’t let the employer discover that you are going for the position only for a short term. In this regard, your answer can take this format: “I have been yearning to take my career to the next level, and I think this esteemed organization fits me”

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Things You Shouldn’t Say in Your Response

There are a few dangerous statements you shouldn’t make when answering this question. They are:

Good Salary:Never let an employer know that you are after a job because of the big pay

Convenient Location:It’s unacceptable to let recruiters know how convenient a job location suits you.

Working Hours or Vacations:A job’s working schedule and vacations may be suitable for you, but you shouldn’t include that in your response.


In answering “why you would like to work for a company”, the general rule is that, focus on what you can give to the company, and not the comforts you would derive from the company.