How to Build a Career in Accounting Jobs in Ghana

There exist numerous careers in the  accounting jobs sector  ranging from entry-level bookkeeping to the chief financial controllers of a company. This  correlates with increased responsibilities and remuneration respectively.
Most people pursuing a career ultimately aim at attaining a chartered accountant of chartered financial status. This title is typical achieved by taking series of professional exams by an awarding body such ACCA or CFA which are intentional examinations. In Ghana professional exams such as ICA or Institute of Chartered accountants exist.  In all cases one of the basic requirements is to have attained a tertiary diploma or degree certificate. The higher the degree the more likely a candidate is given waivers on the number of exams to write.
Typically, one is requires to have certain years of accounting jobs or related work experience, say three years working experience to be recognised as a full chartered accountant. Passing all ACCA exams without the 3 years work experience classifies one as part qualified.

Now that we are aware of Chief financial controller being one of the ultimate career targets for an accountant professional, it is prudent we consider what the role of a financial controller entails so that as a junior accountant you can equip yourself with the expected skills expected of you as you rise up the ranks to reach the helm of your career as a financial controller.

  • The role of a financial controller job entails being responsible for over seeing all accounting works  and  ensuring adherence to tax laws of relevant country and is also in charge of preparing and filing financial statements.
  • Financial controllers are also in charge of  preparing company budget and ensuring company is operating within its budget and alert company management if they are over spending.
  • Additionally, the controller is  answerable for getting ready tax returns for the company which is sometimes a very sophisticated task and requires expert knowledge and experience to do.
  • The controller is also responsible for drafting reports of company’s performance to management.accounting jobs in Ghana-jobdirecta

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It is worth noting that the financial controller does not do the aforementioned task alone which be may sometimes demanding and laborious depending on the size of company. For smaller company, they may be jack of all trades for higher remuneration so company can cut down of staff size. However, in very mid sized firms or  big companies, several junior accounts assist the financial controller to deliver his duties such that the financial controller sort of heads the finance department of the company and reports directly to management on the how the company is meeting the  financial key performance indicators(KPIs) which in most cases would have been spelt out to the financial controller and agreed upon to meet over a specific period of time.


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