Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Ghana

Unemployment may be high in Ghana, but the point is that some individuals are enjoying bigger salaries. Your job dictates the degree of smiles on your face when you go to cash your monthly salary. Concerning your job search and salary expectation, here is an informative compilation of the 10 highest-paying jobs in Ghana. High-paying […]

Job Description for Subsea Systems Engineer

A subsea system engineer has the technical responsibility for general aspects of system design lifecycle to decommisioning which includes but not limited to subsea installation, production enhancement, production life extension or well decommission activities. This also entails the development and design of system architecture by teaming up with  product designers, customers, external partners and/or 3rd parties […]

How To Recover From A Major Mistake At Work

As humans, imperfection has been genetically woven into our DNAs. A mistake at home may be taken lightly, but the same cannot be said of a blunder at the job environment. How will you bounce back after committing a terrible mistake at the job site? In the face of a job blunder, the temptation to […]

6 Ways to Become Irreplaceable at Work

6 Ways to Become Irreplaceable at Work

Many are called, but few are chosen. How do you build a unique persona and become irreplaceable at work? Assuming that you finally landed your dream jobs in Ghana — and you are so much in love with it — the next thing you want to ensure is job security. Here are 6 ways to […]

6 Common Job Search Mistakes Fresh Graduates Make

In today’s educational system, going to school is only a fraction of the art of good living.  Job acquisition is the best test of a graduate’s qualification, skills or experience. Even though graduate unemployment is no news in our world today, some fresh graduates make costly mistakes which set them up for self destruction. Common […]

3 Ways To Answer “Why Do You Want This Job?” In Interviews

One of the most frequently asked interview questions is: Why do you want this job, or sometimes, why did you for apply for this position? To a well-prepared candidate, this is a bonus question that should be answered impressively. Interviewers pose this question to analyze a candidate’s main motivation for a job. As simple as […]

Relevant Questions to Ask in a Job Interview

In job hunting, assuming your name makes the short list, you are obliged to attend an interview. Unfortunately, many job applicants have  a lopsided view about interviews; they hold an erroneous perception that, interviewees are supposed to be listeners and answerers. But that is far from the reality. Interviewees have absolute rights to asks questions […]

What Are Aptitude Tests

As a job seeker, you may have been wondering for a long time about  what aptitude tests are? Or better still, you have even taken some before without realizing that it was an aptitude test. It is true to say that life is an examination! You either pass it you or fail it. Aptitude tests are […]

How to Answer Salary Expectation Questions at Interviews

How to Answer Salary Expectation Questions at Interviews

Let’s be honest! chances are, you would not probably go for a job interview without caring much about the weight of the paycheck. It can be true that some people do take up volunteering jobs, without any expectation for renumeration in cash or kind. But for the most part, applicants seek jobs with high hopes […]