Common Interview Questions

Interview preparations comes with its own unique challenges irrespective of the level of your career particularly when it is your long awaited job. Some find it a scary, adrenaline triggering stage of their job search. These experiences however can be tamed by gaining mastery over common or popular interview question ahead of the interview.

Some of these questions which we call a must-know interview questions and relevant answers to land your dream job in Africa are considered in section below.

Well as usual, make sure you are not over anxious or panicking while preparing for your interview.  Deep breaths can be employed to manage the situation on the interview day! Just make sure you do something that calms your nerves best, after all you know yourself better!

Interview questions are typically categorised as shown below:

  • Questions about yourself?

Such questions are are aimed at knowing or finding more about you in some cases beyond your CV(NB: They already have your CV anyways, so why repeat yourself). These may include  but not limited to your personality,your knowledge and your experience. This is sort of an opportunity to market yourself so they have a fair view of whether you are an employee then can get along with.  You should expect WHY and  WHAT?  interview questions about yourself. Some of the questions may be open ended as well.

 These questions are aimed at assessing your level of motivation or seriousness for the job.This is an opportunity to create an impression you intend to build a long term career with the company.

These questions intend to find out whether your have the requisite skills set essential for the job. Whether your work experience is relevant to the job role. Whether you are experienced or may require on the job training.

This questions are normally unexpected scenario based questions that you should be ready for.