5 Critical Factors for Career Success in Africa

Upon landing one’s dream job, other phases that needs to be dealt with is how to sustain and ensure career success. Thus a successful career encompasses stages from making the right choice of job, getting hired and progressing through your career to the top.To address the topic above,key factors expected of potential employees or employed […]

A guide to effective time management

Based on how people in the working class have to spend time commuting to work in addition to the usual 9am to 5pm day jobs in Ghana and Africa as a whole. professionals are often left not much of extra time out of the daily 24hours to do other important things. Most workers  want to […]

Career guidance :CV and Cover Letter

Having decided on the job your desire, it is prudent you tailor your CV and Cover letter to make it very irresistibly catchy to recruiters and employers alike. We present to your some worth noting tips for your career. How to do your job hunting Make conscious efforts to keep an eye on latest jobs advertised on job […]

CV content that can cost you the job

Are you  an individual who  fits well working in a team or not? That’s nice, however that statement could be a typical example of an  over used CV statement and may not add value to your CV from an HR or employers’ perspective. Job seekers must ensure they are very conversant with the  job description […]

Key questions your CV must address

  Job seekers  want a good CV to attract recruiters’ or employers attention   that they’re deserve an interview opportunity. It doesn’t matter if you’ll do the duty with hands tied behind your back, if your CV doesn’t provide the urge for the HR to invite you for interview, how can you prove such abilities let alone to be recognised as being a super human?! Let’s take a more in-depth dive  to ensure that  […]

Current Jobs in Ghana Africa Today

Vodafone Jobs in Ghana:Cash Reporting Analyst/Jobdirecta.com Vanguard Assurance Jobs in Ghana: Legal Officer/Jobdirecta.com IFC Jobs in Ghana:FINANCE ASSISTANT/Jobdirecta.com SANDVIK Jobs in Ghana :Sales & Marketing Manager/Jobdirecta.com First National Bank Jobs in Ghana:Quantitative Analyst/Jobdirecta.com Amnesty International Jobs in Ghana:Campaign and Fundraising co-ordinator Amnesty International Jobs in Ghana:Growth and Mobilisation Manager Amnesty International Jobs in Ghana:Accounts and […]

Common Interview Questions

Interview preparations comes with its own unique challenges irrespective of the level of your career particularly when it is your long awaited job. Some find it a scary, adrenaline triggering stage of their job search. These experiences however can be tamed by gaining mastery over common or popular interview question ahead of the interview. Some […]

Find jobs in Ghana

There have been plethora of job websites in Ghana, Africa for some time now. However most of these website are localised in Ghana with a few  expanding gradually across other African countries. The job boards attempting to expand are mostly focused on anglophone countries without  any major provisions to reach  francophone countries etc.,  probably due […]

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