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Having decided on the job your desire, it is prudent you tailor your CV and cover letter to make it very irresistibly catchy to recruiters and employers alike. We present to your some worth noting tips for your career.

How to do your job hunting

Make conscious efforts to keep an eye on latest jobs advertised on job boards. For instance Jobdirecta  is constantly updated with thousands of latest jobs jobs  in Ghana and Africa as a whole. Make sure to create a jobseeker account and set up automated job alerts to receive relevant jobs of interest. This particularly will help you not to miss out on any latest vacancy.

Also with the influence social media has these days, make sure you create accounts and follow recruiters and jobboards on major platforms such as jobdirecta pages on facebook,twitter,linkedin amongst other to further spot latest vacancies on the go.

How to Sort your CV before making applications

Since your CV is the most likely the first thing for employers and recruiters to get a first impression about you. It is important you make it presentable and as well as have relevant content as much as you can. Make sure your CV has highlights your relevant and distinct achievements. Ensure your CV is not over 2 pages of an A4 size paper.

What key information do I need to have on my CV?

Your CV ought to include:

Personal credentials like  your name, address, phone contact, email address and any relevant social media presence.
Career history beginning along with your current job.
Relevant achievements from previous jobs.
Qualifications as well as training from previous jobs, beginning with the most recent.
You may want to  include couple of attractive sentences on your interests and hobbies.
References, even though optional,  it is advised  to mention ‘referees offered on request’ to alert  potential employers grasp you’ll be able to provide one if need arises upon a successful interview.

Also bear in mind  different industries can expect various things from a CV,  thus it is essential  you draft your CV to create an impression you’ve adequately understood the job description.

Remember it may be helpful to have a trusted colleague have a second look at your CV to help spot typos etc prior submitting your application.

Also make use of numerous websites providing useful CV templates as a guide.

Having taken you through tips on CVs lets delve into tips for writing your Cover letter.

Make sure your draft your cover letter to formal letter standards with your address, employers address and date.

Having done that, ensure your 1st paragraph ought to make a case for why you’re applying for the role  and introduce yourself.
In subsequent paragraphs  demonstrate why you’re the most apt person for the role and buttress it with relevant examples while making match with the job description as much as you can with the assumption have you have done you home work by searching and knowing more about the company.

Ensure your cover is kept brief as much as you can. Also ensure to get someone to have a second look before submitting your application.

Also make use of numerous websites providing useful Cover letter templates as a guide.

Wish you success in your job hunt.

CV content that can cost you the job

CV content that can cost you the job
You might suppose that your CV contains plenty of quality content that may articulate your  knowledge and skills to an employer or recruiter. However what job seekers are to need to be abreast with content of their  CV that may jeopardise their chances of nailing an interview opportunity.  Some salient points to note are considered.

Are you  an individual who  fits well working in a team or not? That’s nice, however that statement could be a typical example of an  over used CV statement and may not add value to your CV from an HR or employers’ perspective.

Job seekers must ensure they are very conversant with the  job description of the job they preparing their CVs to apply for so they can tailor the content of their CV to meet the job specifications for that matter devoid of CV cliche’s as much as they can.  We attempt to consider some  general content of a CV  with recommendation  on how to present them  viz a` viz  ones to avoid.

  • Avoid stamens such as: “Has expertise coaching and developing employees.”
  • Rather  say: “ I  contributed to increased sales by a double fold through holding matched coaching sessions with the sales team.”
  • Avoid: “A sociable individual  fascinated by meeting new folks.”
  • Rather  say: “ By effectively communicating at all levels of the company and relevant clients, I facilitated the accomplishment of a major award winning project.”
  • Avoid: “A sensible leader with management expertise.”
  • Rather  say: “As a seasoned project engineer , with over two and half decades  of valuable expertise, in charge of projects across several countries in Africa.”

Having highlighted some dos and don’ts on your CV content a summary of worth noting tips are presented;

If you have fascinating skills and experience, make them visible and in a  ‘solution – how – why’ format inside your profile and career history, to demonstrate how you have  previously used them and how you can potentially implement them in a new role.

You may use figures to quantify your feats where possible to buttress you  skills.

In conclusion  present you skills in a simple format to capture how and when you have used them with the outcome. This put your CV in a situation where the HR or recruiter is left with no option to invite you for interview to know more about how you can implement such skills in the job.

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Key questions your CV must address


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Job seekers  want a good CV to attract recruiters’ or employers attention   that they’re deserve an interview opportunity.

It doesn’t matter if you’ll do the duty with hands tied behind your back, if your CV doesn’t provide the urge for the HR to invite you for interview, how can you prove such abilities let alone to be recognised as being a super human?!

Let’s take a more in-depth dive  to ensure that  that your CV is merchandising your skills effectively to your potential new employers.

1. Is your CV simple to read?

Take a your time to peruse your CV by imagining yourself as an HR  reading it fa job seekers CV  and ask yourself questions. is the layout  and structure simple to follow? will it persuade the readers the attention naturally down the page?

Does it provide the reader an honest gist concerning your skills and knowledge while not being too wordy ? are there lots of bullet points to deliver relevant snapshots of data and to assist hack the text?

2. Is your CV tailored for your target roles?

Having a regular generic CV that you just issue to all or any potential employers isn’t attending to build an honest 1st impression the least bit. Doing this suggests risking your CV turning into only 1 of a flood of bland and normal applications which will ne’er stand out from the group.

You need to select out all the relevant skills from the duty description that the leader is craving for and check that those skills are given and highlighted on your page for all to visualise throughout that crucial 1st skim of your CV.

3. Does one begin with  compelling credentials?
Your most vital info must air the primary page. Your personal introduction ought to showcase those skills that the leader is craving for at once.
If you think about how long recruiters spend reading through presumably eighty to one hundred job applications, they’re not motivated to go through 2 pages of your CV to search out all the required info concerning you on the third page.

You would have already lost them by the tip of page one. Introduce yourself and tell the HR you have got the talents they need right off the bat.

4. Does your  prove your impact?

You may do an excellent job of listing your relevant skills and knowledge, however while not showing the impact your actions created on previous employers, you’ll not clearly demonstrate your strong match for the role.

Rather than merely description your input into a task, you must endeavour to elucidate however your work impacts your employers or customers. perhaps you facilitate to chop company excess expenditure, or maybe you facilitate to scale back client waiting times. no matter impact you create, make sure that it’s clearly visible in your CV.

Current Jobs in Ghana Africa Today

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Common Interview Questions

Interview preparations comes with its own unique challenges irrespective of the level of your career particularly when it is your long awaited job. Some find it a scary, adrenaline triggering stage of their job search. These experiences however can be tamed by gaining mastery over common or popular interview question ahead of the interview.

Some of these questions which we call a must-know interview questions and relevant answers to land your dream job in Africa are considered in section below.

Well as usual, make sure you are not over anxious or panicking while preparing for your interview.  Deep breaths can be employed to manage the situation on the interview day! Just make sure you do something that calms your nerves best, after all you know yourself better!

Interview questions are typically categorised as shown below:

  • Questions about yourself?

Such questions are are aimed at knowing or finding more about you in some cases beyond your CV(NB: They already have your CV anyways, so why repeat yourself). These may include  but not limited to your personality,your knowledge and your experience. This is sort of an opportunity to market yourself so they have a fair view of whether you are an employee then can get along with.  You should expect WHY and  WHAT?  interview questions about yourself. Some of the questions may be open ended as well.

 These questions are aimed at assessing your level of motivation or seriousness for the job.This is an opportunity to create an impression you intend to build a long term career with the company.

These questions intend to find out whether your have the requisite skills set essential for the job. Whether your work experience is relevant to the job role. Whether you are experienced or may require on the job training.

This questions are normally unexpected scenario based questions that you should be ready for.


Find jobs in Ghana

There have been plethora of job websites in Ghana, Africa for some time now. However most of these website are localised in Ghana with a few  expanding gradually across other African countries. The job boards attempting to expand are mostly focused on anglophone countries without  any major provisions to reach  francophone countries etc.,  probably due to limitation with respect to the multilingual capability of their websites.
Amidst this challenge, the most promising websites to find jobs in Ghana and jobs in Africa as a whole which incorporates multilingual capabilities as well provides coverage for jobs in West Africa,  Jobs in East Africa, Jobs in North Africa and Jobs in South Africa
is job board. is essentially a job search engine providing a one stop solution to finding jobs in not only Ghana but all other African countries. aggregates jobs from other job boards  in Ghana, classifieds in Ghana, News papers in Ghana inter alia. The website is hosted on secured servers per its strong adherence to user data protection. Job seekers can create accounts in very easy steps and start applying for all live jobs  in Africa  on the web, jobs in Africa on our mobile version, or find jobs in Africa on our Android app on the go.

The job website also provides recruiters in Ghana, Africa and employers in Ghana, Africa  alike a recruiter account to remotely post jobs all over Africa, Ghana without engaging the JobDirecta administrators unlike almost all other job websites in Ghana, Africa where recruiters normally have to email their job descriptions to the admin of websites to upload unto their websites.  Recruiters are also provided with a robust integrated Applicant tracking system to assist with their recruitment process from shortlisting job seekers , invitation for interviews, filtering of applicants etc.

That being said, if you are a job seeker looking for job opportunities in Ghana,Africa, Visit the No.1 job website in  Ghana, Africa and find your dream job in Africa.
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