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Job Opportunity for Consultancy “Time Is Now: Police Accountability and Access to Justice in Somalia” Knowledge Hub - Danish Refugee Council
Company : Jobs by Jobdirecta
Location : Awdal Somalia
Experience : 3 years - 6 years
Salary :
Danish Demining Group (DDG) is a unit within the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) specializing in Armed Violence Reduction (AVR) and Humanitarian Mine Action. DDG was established in 1998 and has been operational in the Horn of Africa since 1999. The focus of DDG’s work in the region is on AVR, including community-driven approaches to improving public security provision, conflict management and conflict analysis and sensitivity. Conflict analysis and GIS mapping is used to promote informed inclusive stakeholder dialogue with the view of collectively identifying and addressing conflict risks. DDG has a growing portfolio focused on promoting community sensitive border security and management in the borderland areas in eastern and western Africa.
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